Boat rental St Barts: exclusive day cruise

Imagine exploring the turquoise waters of St Barts on a luxury boat, where every detail is crafted for your comfort and delight. Our exclusive day cruises with MasterSki Pilou promise an unmatched experience. From gourmet lunches to engaging water sports, every moment becomes a cherished memory. Discover why discerning travelers choose St Barts for their ultimate nautical adventure and make your reservation today!

Explore the best luxury boat rental options in St Barts

When considering a luxury boat rental in St Barts, a variety of services cater to different preferences and needs. Companies like MasterSki Pilou offer an extensive fleet, including the 72' Princesse, ensuring a premium experience. Customers can opt for full-day or half-day cruises, with amenities such as snorkeling gear, towels, and beverages included.

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Types of vessels available

As you can see in ,there are many types of vessels available.

  • Yachts: Ideal for those seeking opulence, these vessels come equipped with spacious cabins and high-end amenities.
  • Catamarans: Perfect for family vacations, offering stability and ample space for relaxation.
  • Motorboats: Suitable for quick, exhilarating trips around the island.

Customer reviews and testimonials

Satisfied clients frequently highlight the professional service and high-quality equipment provided. Many appreciate the seamless booking process and the meticulous attention to detail during private airport transfers. Testimonials often mention the luxurious experience and the opportunity to explore secluded beaches and hidden coves, making these rentals a popular choice for both romantic getaways and family adventures.

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Full-day exclusive day cruises with Masterski Pilou

A full-day cruise with MasterSki Pilou promises an unparalleled experience from 9 AM to 5 PM. This exclusive day cruise includes a range of premium services designed to enhance your journey. Guests can enjoy a gourmet lunch on board, along with water sports such as snorkeling, all included in the package. Essentials like fuel, towels, drinks, and snorkeling equipment are provided, ensuring a hassle-free adventure.

For those seeking a more tailored experience, the cruise can be extended to capture the breathtaking sunset views. This customization allows for a more intimate and memorable experience, perfect for special occasions or simply to enjoy the serene beauty of St Barts. With professional service and high-quality equipment, MasterSki Pilou's full-day cruises offer a luxurious and enjoyable way to explore the island's stunning beaches and hidden coves.

Booking and pricing information for St Barts boat rentals

Booking a luxury boat rental in St Barts with MasterSki Pilou is straightforward. You can choose from a range of vessels, each with its own pricing structure:

  • 42' SEA RAY: Starting at €700
  • 48' SOLARIS: Starting at €1,500
  • 65' PRINCESS: Starting at €1,990
  • 69' PRINCESS: Starting at €2,260

The booking process is simple: visit their office at Rue Jeanne d'Arc, Gustavia, St Barthélemy, or contact them via email at [email protected] or phone at +590 590 27 91 79.

MasterSki Pilou also offers customizable options for those seeking a more personalized experience. Whether you’re looking for a St Barts motorboat rental for a quick trip or a St Barts catamaran rental for a family vacation, the process is designed to be hassle-free, allowing you to focus on enjoying your time on the water.


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